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Trek Ireland in The Burren, County Clare DVD

Set foot into the Burren, a rare global landform of limestone pavement, rich in natural heritage from geology to botany to archaeology. Explore the secrets of this once sub-tropical ocean bed with local walking guide Tony Kirby.

Walk with Tony along some of the definitive paths and trails within this area and see first hand how man and nature endeavour to live and work side by side throughout the seasons.

Introduction by Michael Rodgers, SPS

Local pilgrim guide Michael Rodgers SPS talks of the history of Glendalough, a ‘desert space’, a place where Saint Kevin, an early Christian hermit, arrived in the 6th Century AD to live in prayer and reflection.

Use this introduction as a way to experience the atmosphere surrounding Glendalough. The collection of walks through the valley can be downloaded to your device by following the instructions below.

Length: 1.5 miles | Duration: 50 minutes


Mullaghmore mountain sits in the very heart of the Burren National park; poetically described by John O’Donohue, author of Anam Cara as ‘…a sacred mountain’ whose folded shapes ‘evokes a poignancy and a sense of reverence. Once glimpsed it can never be forgotten.’ How apt then that local walking guide Tony Kirby of ‘Heart of Burren Walks’, in the guided version, brings us across this rare and unique landscape in Ireland as we begin on a famine relief road, built in the 1840’s by government-led schemes to pay and feed the starving populace, before striking out across the limestone pavement itself, giving wonderful views across the plateau, with wild flowers from different climatic regions flowering side-by-side. This is a fabulous walk through one of Ireland’s unique natural habitats.

Length: 0.6 mile | Duration: 20 minutes


Nothing quite prepares you for a stroll through native Irish woodland, with wild flowers interspersed with coarse grasses and heather at your feet. Gortlecka provides the lucky traveller with a peaceful walk through the Burren, a rare geological landform that at once supports a huge variety of Irish flora and gives the beasts of the fields their best fodder throughout the winter season. Tony Kirby of ‘Heart of Burren Walks’ gives a masterclass in understanding how this relationship works between nature, man and animal as you move through stony ground, dense woodland and open meadow, soaking in the views along the way.

Length: 1 miles | Duration: 20 minutes

The Hermitage of Saint Colman Mac Duagh

The story of Saint Colman Mac Duagh is hidden in history but a good starting point is the short but beautiful walk across the limestone pavement of Burren National Park to the base of a cliff where, nestled amid woodland scrub and flowing streams, lies the ruins of an Early Christian Hermitage. Tony Kirby explores the basis of living conditions for those that dwelt here over 1,500 years ago!

Length: 2 miles | Duration: 40 minutes

Black Head

Half way up the slopes of Black Head you come across an ancient cattle highway. These ‘green roads’, as Tony Kirby from ‘Heart of Burren Walks’ explains, were used to drove cattle onto the high lands, across the slopes of the limestone pavement, where they would spend their winter, in an activity called reverse transhumance that has been in existence for over 6,000 years. It is here, with unparalleled views across Galway Bay, the Maumturks of Connemara and the Aran Islands, that you follow in the footsteps of this ancient Irish tradition with the limestone reflecting silver brilliance in the midday sun of early autumn.
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