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Trek Ireland in Dublin, County Dublin DVD

Join Dublin man born and bred Joe Bishop on a fabulous journey through the natural environs of County Dublin. Enjoy taking the air and sea views at Howth Head as you make your way by the Bailey lighthouse or climb the Dalkey and Killiney hills with unparalleled views along the Dublin coastline towards Bray Head in County Wicklow.

Visit the Wellington monument, by-passing a herd of red deer on your trek towards the papal cross or walk the Great South Bull Wall out into Dublin Bay itself! It’s all here waiting for you, so jump right in!

Introduction by Joe Bishop

Standing on the Martello Tower, overlooking Dublin Bay and made famous by the opening lines of James Joyce’s Ulysses, Joe Bishop is happy to be your local historian and story-teller, bringing this selection of nature walks around county Dublin alive with tall tales, yarns and historical facts.

The Great South Bull Wall

When completed in the mid-18th century, the Great South Bull Wall was the longest sea brick wall in the whole world. Now it’s your turn to stretch out and follow the footsteps of many Dubliners before you in taking the sights and sounds as you venture into out Dublin Bay. Watch the boats and birds go gently pass by as you head towards your goal – the Poolbeg lighthouse!

Howth Head

Howth pronounced ‘Ho-th’ is at the northern point of Dublin Bay, and it commands excellent views of the coastline stretching towards the mountains of Mourne, across the wide expanse of Dublin Bay, with the Dublin and Wickow mountains in the far background. Step out on a sunny bright morning, as the sea air gusts and the gulls drift past on this narrow and windy cliff path. Enjoy wide open sea views, the bracken and heather brushing at your fingertips as you roll down towards the Bailey lighthouse at the end of the walks.

The Phoenix Park

It’s really amazing the amount of history and stories that can fitted into such a small piece of land. Although in it’s day, the Phoenix Park was considered one of the largest city parks of anywhere in Europe! Enjoy this walk along the main entrance, past nostalgic gas lamps and up to the Wellington Monument, dedicated to the Duke of Wellington, he who defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo! Local guide, Joe Bishop, can fill you in on the wonderful history before continuing past the Magazine Fort, where the British Army stored munitions, then on past a herd of deer to finish at the Papal Cross, where Pope John Paul said Mass in over 1.25m people in the late 1970’s. Welcome to Dublin!

Dalkey and Killiney Hills

Tucked away on the sunny south side of city, more towards the county than the city you will find the historic Dalkey Quarry, where they mined the stone to be used for the Great South Bull Wall and Dublin Port. Here you will find a lovely afternoon stroll past heather’d gorges and cut rock slopes that, after climbing a short while, gives fantasic views over Dublin city and the surrounding countryside. Often compared to the Bay of Naples in Italy, you can sit down among the rocks and enjoy the views out along the Irish Sea.
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