About Trek Ireland

TREK IRELAND is based on a shared, sacred experience and it's going to involve a lot of effort, on all our parts, to get it done.  Don't expect to get away with this one lightly.  Everybody's got a cause they believe in... and this one's ours.

There's a joy that comes from physical exertion in the great outdoors.  It quite simply empties the mind and reduces persistent worries and fears to more immediate concerns of food, water, and shelter.  Imagine a long, foot-weary journey over mountains and hills, through forests and vales, cross barren ground and up steep side slopes, your foot perilously perched on cloggy clumps of soil or on slippy rocks beneath ice cold river water.  All your attention is focused on keeping dry while making slow but sure progress against pushes and pulls of the playful wind.

Water tastes better here.  Resting gives immediate pleasure.  All your senses are heightened, activated, and improved from the sounds, smells, tastes, and the touch of ultraviolet light that brightens up the environment better than any halogen bulb from your local hardware store.

There's no stores here.  It's just you and me, a packed lunch, and flask of tea.  You've got what you've brought and I'm pretty sure that'll be enough.  Now, let's be clear.  I cannot bring you here, to me, now, in Ireland to enjoy all these tastes this land has to offer... but I can bring Ireland to you, through sight and through sound, through foot fall and heart-warming stories, to help unfold this long journey of Ireland before us. 

We will not reach our destination for a good long time to come, and the road will always rise to meet us and, along the way, we will revel in companionship, hand stretched out in friendship, to meet others and learn from them the history of Ireland and our indelible place in it.

So, come, join us on our journey.  This is an open invitation to anyone, of all ages and shapes, sizes and weight, who wish to regain their rightful place in nature, in nurture, and in solace of mind and body.  Just pay your respects at the front door.