About Trek Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful place to explore. With mountains, waterways, and sea, we believe it is a location with unrivaled access to all kinds of adventure activities. Trek Ireland was borne out of this. To make your wandering journey a memorable one, we are here to guide you. Being one of the foremost and leading providers of the virtual tour in Ireland, we allow you to enjoy the beauty of this place within your home’s comfort. We remain regularly equipped and inspired to travel throughout Ireland, producing nature videos that take you on a breath-taking journey. The natural scenery will uplift your mood, and the immersive sounds through the countryside paths and trails will leave you mesmerized. The Irish tour videos are committed to long-term and sustainable growth of adventure travel around the globe, and we continue to take forward this legacy by being its voice.

What is the virtual tour of Ireland?

We aim to acknowledge the idea of experiencing the beauty of a place without being physically present. We are committed to values that drive a constant movement to tour videos that benefits people by saving their precious time on physical traveling. With our high definition videos, we continue to give our vibrant customers, a fresh look to fulfill their passion for travel. When you step into our virtual world, you will get the realistic experience of the place, and feel like you were there, wandering amidst nature. Our selection of videos offers you everything, right from the natural scenes to rolling green fields, flat stony landscapes, and high mountainous terrain. As we journey together, we wish to give you this rich interactive walking experience that helps you collect memories for a lifetime.

Why should you take the virtual tour of Ireland?

Everyday routine can sometimes become boring, and the constant quarrel between work and travel plans can disturb your state of mind. So, to make an adventurous escape from your mundane things, you can indulge in our virtual tour. Whether you wish to relax after tiring work hours, or need the inspiration to perform your daily workout routine, lay your hands on our videos.

All our videos:

  • Inspire for indoor workout routines.
  • Relax after a tiring day at work.
  • Offer Irish ex-patriots, Irish Americans, an opportunity to explore and visit Ireland from the comfort of their home.
  • Help in the rehabilitative process of patients in hospitals.
  • Inspire retired residents from home


How to indulge in this process?

We are not a trip organizer/booking/itinerary company but a video provider. For taking the virtual tour, Ireland, you have two options – one, you can enjoy these magnificent walks on your own, and the second, you can seek help from the local guide. Where in the first option, you get to explore the beauty of Ireland on your own. The second option helps you understand the history of places being viewed.

Who can view these videos?

All our videos are tailored as a perfect tour for you as an individual, organization, or group. We have put together an activity-packed adventure for everyone who focuses on the passion of travel and the ability to achieve it. The primarily downloadable videos of Irish walking trails with local guides are for several different target audiences. It’s time to explore Ireland’s fantastic scenery and catch all the fun right from the comfort of your home as you travel with Trek Ireland. Come, immerse yourself in the history, atmosphere, and flavors of this ancient country. We invite you to discover the unspoiled land of adventure with our amazing tours that are perfect for unwinding and helping you get ”in the picture”. For any inquiry, please fill the contact form, and we’ll get right back to you.