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Duration: 150 minutes
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Trek Ireland in South Wexford, County Wexford DVD

Take in the sights and sounds along the South Wexford Coast with local naturalist Jim Hurley as you explore Saltee Island Great, with seabird colonies on the cliffs to the north-east of the Gannet headland or enjoy a quiet walk around Lady’s Island, a modern-day pilgrimage site.

Other walks include Ballyteige Burrow, once home to thousands of rabbits down by the sea shore and of course, the wild garlic in bloom along the Tintern Abbey trails, through dense woodland and walled garden by the 12th century Cistercian abbey.

Introduction by Jim Hurley

An eloquent introduction by local guide and naturalist Jim Hurley on the prominent headland of Hook Head; with the oldest working lighthouse in the world and the waves crashing in on the cliffs gives you the impression of the trails to be enjoyed along the South Wexford coastline.
Length: 1.2 miles | Duration: 30 minutes

Tintern Abbey

Enjoy this exceptional trail in the grounds of Tintern Abbey, built in the 13th century by William Marshall and kindly donated to the Irish state in 1959 by the Colclough family. The trail takes you along the traditional route used by servants and laborers, past an old church and into native woodland to arrive at the Walled Garden. Afterwards take the scenic path along Tintern stream, past the old corn mill and take in the lovely sight of wild garlic and bluebells at your feet.
Length: 1.5 mile | Duration: 40 minutes

Saltee Island Great

Privately owned by the Neale family, they kindly give access to the general public to take the ferry out and enjoy the fine views from the island during the summer months.

The walking route takes you from the beach, past the only private dwelling on the island towards the throne, from there you are free to wander out across the island, enjoying the birds wheeling above you, watching the grey seals below you and feeling the fresh air blowing in from the sea. A wonderful place altogether.

Length: 1 miles | Duration: 25 minutes

Ballyteige Burrow

The area behind the dunes was taken in from the sea during the Great famine of the 1840s to be farmed. The dunes were used to keep rabbits, over 4,000 of them were taken every year for their fur and meat. Now it’s an excellent natural habitat, offering protection for plant communities, birds, insects and other fauna in the area. The walking route goes out along the dunes before turning towards the Celtic Sea and arriving at the beach.

Length: 1.5 miles | Duration: 25 minutes

Lady’s Island

Known as a modern-day pilgrimage, this walk takes a circular route around Lady’s Island lake, enjoying views of marsh and wet ground, with swans paddling along the shores of the lake, before arriving at a Norman castle. Jim Hurley explains the possible origins of this trail while you enjoy the sounds of terns calling from over the water.
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